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From Physics To Life

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Archive for December 2020

The Youtube Channel Quantum Gravity has just crossed the threshold of 1100 subscribers. Its URL address is

Quick statistics up to date, at 3 years since creation:

Total number of views: 68.6 k
Total watched time: 10.6 k hours
Number of subscribers: 1103
Number of videos: 130

Most watched videos:

I quanti e la quasi realtà: 3090 views, 756 hours, 82 likes
Quantum gravity from fakeons – Catania 2019: 2910 views, 87.5 hours, 32 likes
Quantum gravity al pub: 2767 views, 651 hours, 45 likes
L’atomo: 2514 views, 238 hours, 106 likes

Theories of Gravitation Lecture 1: 2033 views, 100 hours, 27 likes
La MQ mette a dura prova la ns comprens. della natura: 1835 views, 571 hours, 51 likes
Entanglement. Tagliare l’atomo come il burro: 1533 views, 221 hours, 61 likes
Il principio di indeterminazione: 1485 views, 246 hours, 67 likes
La gravità quantistica: 1482 views, 280 hours, 60 likes

La fisica e la vita – Viaggio nell’infinitamente piccolo, e ritorno: 1417 views, 165 hours, 19 likes

Number of visits to this website since creation (2013): 51.4 k

Download count for the papers posted on archives other than arXiv (which does not allow download count):

18A5 The corr. principle in q. field th. and q. grav.: 1725 downloads (5 archives)
17A3 On the quantum field theory of the grav. interactions: 1033 downloads (2 archives)
18A6 Let the dice play God: 574 downloads (4 archives)
18A7 On The Nature of the Higgs Boson: 427 downloads (4 archives)

Last update: Sept 16, 2021

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14B1 D. Anselmi

Course on renormalization, taught in 2015.

Last update: September 15th 2023, 242 pages

The final (2023) edition is vaibable on Amazon:


1. Functional integral
2. Renormalization
3. Renormalization group
4. Gauge symmetry
5. Canonical formalism
6. Quantum electrodynamics
7. Non-Abelian gauge field theories
Notation and useful formulas

The pdf file of the 2015 Edition is available here: PDF