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This website collects and disseminates kowledge about renormalization and, more generally, quantum field theoryquantum gravity and related topics. Here you can read papers, theorems and books about renormalization and quantum field theory, as well as discuss about open problems, address new projects and ideas. Hopefully in a while you will be able to actively participate in the project and send your own contributions.

For queries and suggestions send an email to r enor mal ize@r enor mal izat ion.c om

I am Damiano Anselmi and I own and run this website

Works authored by myself are published by default, although I cannot guarantee that you can find all of them here

Right now this site is still experimental, and I am the only person behind it. For the time being, I have mostly included my single-author papers, but I hope I can deal soon with copyright-transfer matters and let other users register and participate independently

Meanwhile, feel free to navigate and send private comments and suggestions to the address r enor mal ize@r enor mal izat ion.c om


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D. Anselmi, Master functional and proper formalism for quantum gauge field theory, 12A3 Renorm

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14B1 D. Anselmi

Course on renormalization, taught in Pisa in 2015. (More chapters will be added later.)

Last update: May 9th 2015, 230 pages

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1. Functional integral
2. Renormalization
3. Renormalization group
4. Gauge symmetry
5. Canonical formalism
6. Quantum electrodynamics
7. Non-Abelian gauge field theories
Notation and useful formulas