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Central functions $c(g)$ and $c'(g)$ are constructed in quantum field theory. These quantities justify and generalize the notions of central charges recently introduced at criticality, which, together with suitable anomalous dimensions $h$, identify a conformal field theory in four dimensions (CFT$_4$). They are encoded in the four-point function of the stress-energy tensors. The behavior of the central functions is analysed to two-loops in perturbation theory. The central function is the fundamental notion for a description of quantum field theory as a radiative interpolation between pairs of CFT$_4$’s. The problem of computating their RG flow in the far IR limit starting from the UV fixed point is addressed in the context of supersymmetric gauge theories and electric-magnetic duality.


JHEP 9805:005 (1998) | DOI: 10.1088/1126-6708/1998/05/005


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14B1 D. Anselmi

Course on renormalization, taught in 2015.

Last update: September 15th 2023, 242 pages

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1. Functional integral
2. Renormalization
3. Renormalization group
4. Gauge symmetry
5. Canonical formalism
6. Quantum electrodynamics
7. Non-Abelian gauge field theories
Notation and useful formulas

The pdf file of the 2015 Edition is available here: PDF